Top 5 Car Accessory Gifts for You & Your Best Friends

Group of People Sitting on White Mat on Grass FieldThese are five vehicle accessories reasonably priced for their features. Simple and effective with a purpose. 

 #5 Wireless Smart Sensor Car Charger Mount Auto Clamping - $13.95

This cell phone mount includes a wireless charger and automatic clamping. The visual aesthetics are ample and at this price point it's a nearly unbeatable value.

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#4 Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool - The Ultimate 5 in 1 Tool - $19.95

This gift is a no-brainer in our opinion. For $20 you get an ice scraper, tire lift, traction aid, leverage tool, and small shovel. Sometimes having space for a tool is difficult to justify in a confined space like a car. Having 5 uses
definitely helps justify the room this tool takes up.  

#3 Customizable Anodized Aluminum Keychains - $12

#3 Customizable Anodized Aluminum Keychains
Get these aluminum keychains personalized for you and your best friends! These are a standard military dog tag size. They can be used as a keychain, necklace pendent, or a dog tag. We have Red, Black, Gold, Dark Blue, Light Blue, or Pink.

#2 Smart Car Charger 2 Ports with LED - $24.99

nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger, Car Charger with App to Save Car's Location and Monitor Car Battery, 2 Ports Car Charger with Led for iPhone XS/Max/XR/X/8/7/6/Plus

Quick & Stable Charge

● Identify your mobile device and send the fastest charging speed.

● Charge two high wattage devices at the fastest speeds.

● Use ZUS Super Duty Cable to maximize the charging speed.

zus car charger

Car Battery Health Monitor

● Monitor your car battery health and avoid the unexpected hassle of a dead battery.

● Identifies potential issues by tracking battery voltage over time and provides alerts if a battery check is recommended.

car charger locator find your car

Automatic Car Finder

● Save your parking location.

smart zus car charger mileage log

Mileage Log

● Classify personal and business drives effortlessly.

● Get monthly and year log reports.


#1 Automatic OBD Adapter Connected Car Assistant - $99.99

The Connected Car Assistant (AUT-450C) that helps you know more about your vehicle and worry less on the road. This sleek, low-profile adapter powers a suite of safety, maintenance and convenience features helping you to drive free of unknowns. Vehicle Diagnostics that decodes your car for you, so you’ll never be in the dark about a check engine light again.
We are not being paid for these endorsements nor are we currently affiliated with Amazon or Automatic. We do however sell some of these items in our store. 

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